We are committed to

  • Living by the philosophy of continuous company development as part of corporate culture.
  • Allowing our actions to be guided by an understanding of our customers and their market environment.
  • Consolidating and fostering customer relations which have developed as a result of our expertise, reliability and flexibility.
  • Continually expanding the business divisions – "Henke Packaging", "Lonacap" and "topfit" – as part of our strategic objectives.
  • Ensuring healthy growth by means of innovations and product developments as well as continuously working on new makets, ideas and business sectors.
  • An investment policy which allows process safety and quality to continue to be a matter of course.
  • Transparency, a sense of responsibility and motivation in all business divisions.
  • The permanent development of our employees and processes in a rapidly moving, complex and global market environment.
  • The vigilant monitoring and constant optimisation of the cost structure in order to ensure our market position, profi tability and employees.
  • the protection of the environment through sustainable actions.


  Henke Trimpe
  Jürgen Henke
Managing Director
Siegfried Trimpe
Managing Director

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